Knowing Why Some People Don’t Have a Baby

Ninety percent (90%) of the people who have no baby yet after marriage are very disappointed. Without knowing the reason behind it, you will be slave of your eagerness to have a baby.

Being a slave, means a lot of things and end up for a laugh from evil spirits who tricked you. That is if you know the reason behind it.

Knowing the reason behind it is not as easy as ABC. We must consider the truth that there are weaknesses on human side: Physical and Spiritual. I am referring to Physical things while we do not really want to understand the Spiritual world but that is if you’re blind folded with the spiritual things.

For Having A Baby,
Let us consider the one who is powerful enough to give life to a baby: The God Almighty.
(Acts 17:25) Neither is worshiped with men’s hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing He giveth to all life, and breath, and all things;
Take note that you must consider the one who is powerful enough to give life to a baby: The God Almighty and I hope that you know who He is and I also hope that you have the same God Almighty as I am referring to. If not, no matter how hard you pray, you cannot be heard. (Why? maybe I’ll separate this topic)
We all know that prayer is one solution we can do to have a baby for those who have no baby for several years of marriage life. And The Cheapest also as other said comparing to the hospital checkup bills and medicines prescribe by a doctor. Did it really mean that it is The Cheapest? (maybe I’ll separate this topic)
Let us go to our topic. As for not educated spiritually, there are many reason for not having a baby but for the people which are educated spiritually, there is only one reason: The God Almighty is giving us what is best for us to handle which means that if you are not yet given with a baby, it does not mean that it is not yet yours to have for a responsible. It means that God Almighty is trying to tell us to make you do things much better than having a baby.

I will not say sad things about having no baby at this time. In physical things there are so many factors to affect our reproductive system. If your body is as active as sport players (athletes), your reproduction capability drops as your perspirations drops and you loose almost all your energy that can be useful for reproduction. Sorry to say but, athletes are categorized by a doctor as very poor in reproductive capability. Counter fight it with rest and vitamins are recommended. For Sanitation and proper hygiene, I highly recommend that you do not wash your organ (male and female) with any other chemicals such as soap and related cleaning chemicals. It is best to use plain water only but scrubbed it with your hand using only running water with no chemical until plain clean skin appears. Maintain this hygiene until woman gets pregnant and for boys, do not touch the birdie while urinating. Always avoid touching it to maintain cleanliness.

Oops, I need to end this session and leave you with a tip: allow 3 days interval for every ejaculation of semens because new sperms is in need of at least 3 days to become mature enough to travel inside a womans part. Otherwise sperms will die before it reach the eggcell. Definitely there is a Part 2


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